Signs it is Time for New Windows

Many people put off home improvement projects due to the cost and hassle they often present. While this may be true, one project that should never be put off is replacing a home’s windows. After all, windows that are broken or not working properly present a number of issues, including security concerns and reduced efficiency.

In some cases, homeowners may not even realize they need to replace their windows. To ensure this issue doesn’t occur, it’s a good idea to get to know the signs it’s time to call a window company for window replacement services.

There’s a Large Amount of Exterior Noise

If the windows in a home provide very little protection from outside sounds, they may not be properly sealed, or they were poorly made, to begin with. Having new double, or triple paned glass windows that are insulated with Krypton or Argon gas can help reduce outdoor noise. This is especially beneficial if a homeowner lives on a busy street.

Window Frames are Water Damaged, Chipped or Soft

If the window frames have become soft to the touch and if they are chipped, there’s a good chance they are already past repair. A soft window frame indicates water infiltration and rot. There’s also the possibility that they are going to begin sagging if this hasn’t already occurred.

Difficulty Closing, Opening or Locking the Windows

If a window hasn’t been installed properly, it can develop several balance issues and make the window difficult to open or close. If a window has begun to rot or rust, it may also be difficult to use. If windows aren’t able to close properly or fully, it may not be possible to lock them. This can impact the overall safety of the home.

Condensation Between the Glass

If the windows have begun to frost in between the layers of glass, then it means the seals are no longer working properly. This allows moisture to move in between the panes of glass. After a seal has failed, any insulating gas used to make sure the window is energy efficient is completely gone. Another problem is cracked glass. If this is an issue, then the gas can leak out and result in reduced efficiency.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by installing new windows when the time arrives. For more answers about window replacement and when it is time to make a move, visit the blog for homeowners.

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